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5 Best Tips To Win Giveaways On Social Media In Nigeria

Social media has made it simpler and easier for many to interact, facilitating the creation or sharing of information, ideas, opinions and the likes. For this reasons, brands, celebrities, influencers and generous givers generally host giveaways on social media to either promote their products and services or do it out of their generosity.
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For the sake of this article, I will share with you 5 best tips to help you win giveaways on social media in Nigeria.

It is no doubt that that we have some Nigerian celebrities who do steady giveaways on social media, to mention but a few are Nigerian musicians; Don Jazzy, Davido, Yemi Alade, Runtown and many others. Aside celebrities, some brands in Nigeria also run cash-prize giveaways on social media so as to get the attention and increase their fan base.

Be An Active Follower

First of all, gather a list of celebrities, brands and top infuencers that do regular giveaways on social media in Nigeria and follow them, find out the platforms they use more often; most Nigeria comedians are more active on Instagram, most musicians based their interaction on Twitter  and some uses Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook but among all, Instagram and Twitter is well known for their giveaways except for some brands like Banks and commercial establishments who based on Facebook. 
If you’re regularly liking and commenting on their page, they’ll know you’re a fan. If you use their products, wear their clothes or visit their venue, be sure to tag them in your photo or story and give them a top notch review. Companies like to reward their fans and active followers.

Turn On Notifications

Ensure you turn on a mobile notification, If you follow a user, you can ‘get notifications’ every time they post. For example, on Instagram App using the ‘More’ (…) menu at the top of a user’s profile page select ‘get notifications’ or for Twitter, simply tap the bell icon on the user's bio – you’ll get a mobile notification when they post a new photo or tweet (you can also use this for brands that host regular giveaways, so you don’t miss out!).

Make Yourself Real

Nobody will want to share freebies to a ghost or robot on social media. Regular social media giveaways winners are people who share their own original photos –  rather than hiding their identities. A promoter might pop to your profile before deciding if you’re a winner,  you want to win giveaways on social media? Get into the habit of taking photos of everything. Selfies, meals, sunsets, family moments on social media… You don’t need to upload all your photos to social media but I'm sure you know what i mean, so lets move on.

Reply To Host

When on social media, socialize by replying to their posts, tweets – even if it is not a giveaway time. Make your comments memorable. Add photos, GIFs, be funny, say something about their amazing products, songs and about their personalities that you find interesting.

Keep Your Social Media Handle Short And Simple

Short and simple social media handles are memorable, less likely to be misspell by a promoter, avoid numbers and underscores. Don't miss your giveaways!


If you spend 2-3 hours a week observing tips #2 and other techniques above, you might be lucky to win big one day. Otherwise, it's not worth your time.

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