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2 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Mr Macaroni a.k.a 'Ooin!'

Nigerian popular Debo Adebayo well known as  Mr Macaroni, is an online comedian having over 417,000 followers on Instagram . Here are some interesting facts you definitely need to know about Mr Macaroni's life biography.
Source: Instagram | Debo Adebayo a.k.a Mr Macaroni

1. Mr Macaroni is an Actor, he is already being featured in movies and Soap operas. At some point, the movie roles were not steady for him which led to frustrations and made him start posting skits on social media, sure you must have seen one or two of his funny skits on the social media. 

2. Mr Macaroni attended three different Universities before he graduated at Redeemers University. According to a report concerning his struggles while in school;

" In my first university, I was in 200 level when we heard on the news that the law department in the university wasn’t accredited. We had to call for a meeting to understand the situation but the school was so nonchalant about it. At some point, people began to leave the school and I also left."

"I left for another school to study Law and it was going smoothly until the exams period when I had an issue with a lecturer. I was summoned by the authorities and was asked to leave the school for some time until they came to a final decision. I wasn’t expressly expelled but I decided to leave. It was later my friends informed me that my name came out on the result sheet."

"I moved to the third school and I had already made up my mind to study Creative Arts instead of Law. I resumed at the university and I was called by the Dean of Student Affairs informing me that they had actually not started Creative Arts in the school but they had English. I was angry because I was admitted to study Creative Arts. I had to leave after a year."

"All these were private schools. My parents didn’t want me to attend a federal university because they feared I would be more stubborn there."

"I got a transcript from the school and proceeded to another university, and even before graduating from there, I still had an issue with the school."

This shows that Mr Macaroni determined to give it whatever it take to have his school certificate, this young man is currently hot in the entertainment industry and set to achieve more.  

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