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Music Producer Ekelly proposes To His Girlfriend, Nina

Guess who is getting married soon??? Nigerian music producer Ekelly has just proposed to Nina, his 5months old girlfriend.

In his words, "Baby Girl, the first day we hung out that beautiful Wednesday I began to sense this was a divine connection. I had tried so many times in the past, and failed, then you showed up or let me say it better “God presented you to me”. Thank you for accepting me the way I am, the good & the work in progress, I love you the way you are and i’m committed to nurture every gift and everything you dream to achieve.
I just want you to know these are the beginning of our best years,  I have hardly been nervous with you  except for yesterday with my totally unscripted proposal.. I believe God who started this great work with & in Us, will see us till the very end .... I love you Nina Yalwa"

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