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Cardi B's Sister Hennessy Blasts Those Criticizing Cardi

Following  several claims that American rapper Cardi B is trying to be black, using black culture to succeed and of not being educated. Her sister, Hennessy Carolina has taken to Instagram to respond and blast those criticizing Cardi B's education background and her culture.

Hennessy revealed she and Cardi "both went to performing arts school" and "studied music till we graduated."

She said they are from "a little borough in the Bronx where Hip Hop was created". She also said that "to us people from the Bronx, our culture is hip hop period!"

"My mom, my teachers, my friends, my peers, we all grew up listening to the art of Hip Hop."

She added in her caption: "Suck my dick to the insecure mfs trynna say the most ignorant shit , you mad this is real BRONX SHIT ! Eat a frank!! borough* friends*"

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