Market Rank | current price of Bitcoin escalated high elapses $11k in August, 2019

Bitcion has regained position in today's market update. The current price of bitcoin has escalated above $11,000 per bitcoin in a continuance of the last 24 hour.
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 In the preceding hours of 2nd August 2019, the price went as high as $11,550, which was cool by the traders of the digital asset. Just one day back when at the end of Thursday, the BTC/USD leap from $9,915 to $10,225 within one hour, which was way back splendid.
In the recent developments, the price again reached a further $11,500 resistance level overhead the $11,000 level, which allowed the access and choices for more attainment.
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This rise in price escalation of bitcoin value seemed to show that there is a greater demand than other alternative cryptocurrency in the market.
Coinmarketcap results:
image source: thecoinrepublic.com

  1. Bitcoin Price-> $11,559.14  USD
  2. Bitcoin ROI-> 7,632.55%
  3. Market Rank-> #1
  4. Market Cap-> $182,773,491,159 USD
  5. 24 Hour Volume-> $16,786,891,433 USD.
  6. Circulating Supply-> 17,852,325 BTC

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