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Davido's Biography And Current Net Worth In Dollars [Forbes] — Quick Gister

Ever think of what Davido net worth in dollars? Davido aka OBO is one of the most popular and the current richest musician in Nigeria music industry according to Forbes. 
Davido who was brought up with a sliver spoon by his rich parents ( Adedeji AdelekeVeronica Adeleke ) made many people to find it difficult to believe he is working hard for his cool earn money.
Davido current net worth in dollars 2019
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Davido rose to fame in 2011 with the release of 'Dami Duro'  and got his widely adopted and used nickname 'OBO' from his debut studio album 'Omo Baba Olowo' in 2012.

Davido's Earlier Life And Biography

•What tribe is Davido? | How old is Davido? | Who are Davido's parents?

David Adedeji Adeleke aka Davido is a Nigerian, a Yoruba and international icon of hip-hop. He was born on  November 21, 1992 to the family of Dr. Adedeji Adeleke in Atlanta, a family that was known to be one of the richest family in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. His father is a successful businessman and investor while his mother Mrs. Veronica Adedeji was a lecturer even though he lost his mother in the year 2003.

•Davido's educational background
Prior to relocating to Nigeria,  Davido attended the British International School in Lagos for his O'level and also studied business administration at Oakwood University. Davido dropped out of Oakwood University as a result of bad grade and later relocated back to London where he focused more on music but his single parent Dr. Adedeji Adeleke didn't  like the fact that his son didn't have a university degree.
Davido however returned back to Nigeria in 2011, his music career was sidelined to studies after he agreed to honor his father by enrolling at Babcock University. In July 2015, Davido earned a music degree from Babcock after his father paid the university to start a music department for an inaugural class of one.
Davido decided to enroll for the  National Youth Service Corps  (NYSC) for the 2018 Batch B Stream Two and severed his Father's Land in Lagos state after 3 years he graduated from Babcock University.

•When did Davido started music? | What was Davido's first song?
Davido rose to fame after his first single that he released 'Dami Duro' in 2011, which means being a son of a rich man, no one should stop him. He has groom many talented artists under his self record label Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) . Davido is one of the strong pillars of the hip-hop industry when you refer to Nigeria, Africa and across all continents. 
He has now recorded many songs featuring many great artists across all genres.

Davido's Current Net Worth In Dollars 2019 According to Forbes 

•What is Davido's net worth?
Now focusing on Davido's profiles, some of his assets, his net worth in dollars according to Forbes. I am about to blow your mind, so sit tight!!!
This young superstar started making his money and influence at a young age in music career, he was estimated to have an approximate net worth of $25 million according to Forbes.  It is an undisputed fact that he came from a rich family nevertheless, it was not a yardstick to his successful rather grace and dedication he put into work in his career has brought him far enough where his mates in the industry has not been to.
Davido does many concerts and sings with record groups which contribute to his high status. What does he do with such a huge amount? Well, read on and get answers to that question. A prove to his extravagant life that is full of enjoyment can be seen via the pictures of his houses and cars that are always made available via the social media. He lives a life that is still a fairy tale to many. 

Other Assets Associated With Davido

•Here are some of Davido's cars

Audi Flatback (GGX 2012) – worth around N9 Million.

Honda Accord – worth about N5 Million.

Porsche Turbo – worth around N20 Million.

Range Rover Sport – worth around N25 Million

Audi R8 Coupe – worth about N20 Million.

Rolls Royce Phantom – worth around N100 Million.

Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG – worth about N50 Million.

Porsche Carrera – worth about N40 Million.

Yellow Camaro GS Chevrolet– worth around N11 Million.

Toyota Land Cruiser – worth around N17,500,000.

White Bentley 2011 – worth around N18 Million.

Conclusion on Davido Net Worth in Dollars 2019

In conclusion, Davido is the Richest Musician in Nigerian now based on assets valuation, endorsement and other lucrative music deals, Davido’s estimated net worth is $25 million. The singer has gone on several local and international tours over the last two years and his concerts have been sold out running in millions of dollar in revenue.
He have a deal with MTN which he signed in April 2012, the deal was said to be worth over N30 million. Davido says he was the first Nigerian artiste to make $1m off the ‘pon pon’ variant of Nigerian pop music.

As a son of a billionaire and a famous musician, Davido also lives a flashy and luxurious lifestyle. Davido spends money without regret, he spends it on expensive necklaces, clothing, Wrist watches, Cars and of course the women in his life.

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