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Opinion: "Be responsible as a woman, if your husband beats you, he is correcting you for something you did wrong” – Nigerian man ‘educates’ women

A Nigerian man has said and gave reasons for the issue of women provoking their husband which usually lead to domestic violence in most cases. He advises women who are being beaten by their husband to take a chill.
According to the man in his late 20's I presumed , He said women are apparently  wired to extreme provocation and further advised that they shouldn’t provoke a man ‘wild enough’ to beat them.
Sharing further, he added that when a man beats a woman, she needs to understand that he is correcting her for something she did wrong.
He also said that it is not enough to leave your husband's house after you discovered that he cheats.
Read his full write up below,
Dear women, please understand FIRST that you should NOT provoke your man “wild enough” to beat you because you women are very fond of extreme provocation… I’ve seen women barking at their supposed husbands…
Understand secondly that EVEN if he hits you first, you’re not supposed to retaliate by hitting him second because that will inarguably make him hit you again and again and again in a bid to “supposedly” subdue you and that in effect will become “battering” and also termed “wifebeating” which you intiated…
In any event, that he hits you, understand that he’s correcting you over something you did wrong that got him deeply offended, even though there could be other approaches but since at the moment, hitting you is what he decided upon, desist from doing more of what you did that warranted the first hit….
For example, if you were running your mouth before the first blow, keep QUIET and step back, he wouldn’t hit you the second time because he would notice the change unless he’s Mad… You can talk over your differences in bed or at an outing… In a manner, time and atmosphere that would be understandable and calm for you both… BE RESPONSIBLE as a woman, as a wife being responsible doesn’t dutifully belong to men alone… One reason why some men prefer High School graduates over University graduates, is because they “argue less”…
There are different kinds of men, we don’t all react the same way to similar situations and please don’t expect us to….
Another man may not hit you when you’re running your mouth or abusing him, he may just walk away or go to his room hoping you’d realize you’re wrong by shouting at him and calm but women usually regard such men as weak and some would even follow him to his room to continue with the “mouth battering” as you term it “finishing him” … believing that they’ve won the fight…. So many men have resorted to showing they’re not weak by giving a resetting slap or a hit.. And that is how beating sets in and continues because when he understands that you need to be hit to come back to your senses, it becomes “regular practice”..
So I’m advising you MADAMS ever willing to face your husbands man to man with full strength and mouth vigor and daring him to touch you to please DESIST from your wicked provocative and terrible actions….
In the name of all that is good, DO NOT engage your husband in a fight because you want to face him Man to Man… Tell yourself the truth of what made him do what he did, retract from that and peace would reign..
Nothing hurts a Man as much as you stepping on his EGO, it is “justifiable” if he gets physical with you or his fellow man!
Those being said, I would also like to support the fact that cheating is NOT a good thing but it is very great a possible thing for men to cheat, it is not an extraterrestrial thing… To that effect, it is not enough to FIGHT a man because he’s cheating, it is also not enough to leave your home because your husband is cheating because doing so would only leave your home “vulnerable to habitation” by the sidechicks…. If your husband is a cheat, there are better ways to provoke sympathy, pity and CHANGE from him without causing a scene….. And while you work at winning your husband back, “protect” yourself sexually in every way you can…
Do not let the Devil ruin your home and do not take EVERY advise you find on Social Media…. Most of the advises you find on social media are wicked but soothing to the ears…
Many of those people advising you to divorce or leave, have broken homes and terrible marriages and are not happy with their condition just like the devil recruiting people en mass for destruction, they are out to get as many people as possible to be like them…. There is also another category who wouldn’t do what they’re advising you to do if and when in your case but so much relish the fun of bad marriage stories popping up on facebook everyday for entertainment… Sadly, you wouldn’t know until the deed is done.. USE YOUR HEAD

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