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What Makes Us Friends And Good Business Partners — Omawunmi

Speaking on 'The Beat' , Omawunmi reveals what has kept her and singer Waje her Bestie's friendship strong over the years.

 According to Omawunmi, she said;
“It is very easy to work with women, especially those that are professionals. Sometimes, people have the impression that women are supposed to be slow and that we do not grasp things easily but the truth is that women are one of the best multitaskers in the world. So, when you give a woman a task, she thinks of how she can be the best at the job and also the best version of herself so that you can come back and work with her.

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She added;“As regards me and Waje, we have been friends for a long time and I always tell her that if we were a man and woman and had a child together, the child would have become a teenager by now. It does not mean that we do not have issues but whenever such happens, we sit down and trash them out. I think that it is one
of the things that make us friends and good business partners.”

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