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Shocking! Yoruba Veteran Actor, Ojopagogo Is Down With Strange Illness

Veteran actor, Rasaq Olayiwola, popularly known as Ojopagogo is now down with strange illness. 

Few weeks ago he was at a movie location in oyo state to direct a job where he allegedly replaced a lady who was meet to play the led role with another actress, who he believed would play the character far better than her.

The same night, Ojopagogo was struck with a strange feeling and was rushed to St. Michael Hospital, Owode in oyo State. He was discharged two weeks after.

Although an unconfirmed report claimed that the same actress at a reception and confess to her friend that she was the brain behind the illness without knowing that a close friend of Ojopagogo overheard her.

when he later heard about the matter, he confirmed that he was truly indisposed after the work that night and that the doctors only recommended rest for him owing to the fact that nothing was specifically wrong with him.

He added also that he does not have anything against the so called actress and that if she is fit for the role she would not be replaced but if not she needs to keep learning.

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