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#wednesdaythoughts With Hadassah 'Never Argue With The Man Carrying A Weapon'

Once upon a time, there was a leader of a group of soldiers. He is an angry person who can do and undo.

One day, he got into an argument with one of his subordinates and after few minutes, he pointed his gun at the guy and shot him dead. CASE CLOSED!


Why argue with him, why bother yourself
He has the weapon and he's called the head
Though he may be stubborn with faults unheard
but he as well,  will ways be ahead

Nobody will listen to you or blame you for him
especially in Yoruba culture where adults are never wrong
and in some workplace, they'll say always that
he's been here, even before him

Hold your Peace, trust in God
Remain silent, don't loose your guard
let the man harass you, let him shine his shine
let the moment pass away,for thr'll always be another
else there won't be

So he won't kill you, so he won't harm you
So he won't take a step which himself cannot undo
moreover, these wicked folks are often outta flow
they themselves are down below, having people above them
as either a superior, employer or FG
but being in a position today,
they live like there's no tomorrow

So wise up my dear friend and wait till judgement rise
till the rain of vengeance fall and nemesis do its perfect work
until then beloved reader, hire your head and never argue
with the man or woman who has the weapon.
weapons like; Query, Suspension, Expulsion, Physical assault or Death-on-the-go weapon.

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                                                 ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Sikuade Esther (Hadassah) is proactive, versatile, eloquent and innovative personality with the strong desire to actively participate in solving deep-seated problems in any atmosphere. she writes to teach, inspire, and encourage .She is also passionate,vision driven and goal orientated individual who always challenges the status quo by taking up complex responsibilities and excels in them. She can be reached via +2348161690210