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#wednesdaythoughts With Hadassah 'Live Don't Just Exist'

There once lived a successful young guy in his thirties. He is of the opinion that 'he who works hard must enjoy life to the fullest'. He is also an addicted smoker and shortly, he developed cancer of the lungs which was detected very late. His sight on the sick bed was heart rendering!
He wished he did more with his life, he knew he could have.

Live the life you love
love the life you live
Beware of the life you love to live
Because life is much more than mare living

Some are lost in the crowd
Some are just simply allowed
Some are indeed very proud
Some are living because they are hard
While some always want to be heard

Some live for having life and breathe
Else they'll prefer not to
Some crave for life but can hardly breathe
While some alive are as though dead

My dear reader,

Be deliberate about this one life
Be excited because it has no duplicate
Life is very delicate
Once lost, no replicate

Live don't just exist, live don't just exist, live don't just exist!!!
Make that impact
Move that city
Shake the world
Be the best you can ever be
Wake up to the reality of life
Don't say it's too late to thrive!

Good morning!

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  1. ...you are right, LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!!