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#wednesdaythoughts With Hadassah 'Do It Right Once And For All'

There was a young lady who can't seem to understand what exactly to do in life.
She is an orphan raised by a very wicked and poverty- stricken stranger.
She tried and tried not to give in to pressures from the society in her teenage years.

Now she's in her early 20's and needs more training.
She knows she need to know
As the world will not take NO for an answer
She knows she needs to learn
As the tech world is the only place to earn
She knows she needs some help
As all her life she's got none
But there is a cry in the core of her being
To get it right once and for all.

She sits down all day, she as well keep late nights
Looking inwards and really searching her heart on what course her life should take
Is it Business?
Is it Skill Acquisition?
Is it Schooling/Academics?

Full of Energy and strength
Bones still strong and desires high
She sighs all along
Cause she doesn't even know what-to-do
And the fear of growing older, won't even let her be

Are you at this kind of cross road?
No matter your age bracket or stage
Life throws things like this many times
Life situations may knock us down
Or make us think low of ourselves
Throwing silly suggestions that "even death is far better"

My Candid Advice is...
Leap over this wall called FEAR
Get-rid of the word UNKNOWN
Don't let it overwhelm you
Step-out in FAITH, believing you can
Then pick ONE!
Get up from there with bravery
Then Pursue ONE!
Well it may seem not altogether
Then Pray MORE!

I perceive it'll work and you'll be surprised
That you've done it right ONCE and for all!

Good Morning...

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Sikuade Esther (Hadassah) is proactive, versatile, eloquent and innovative personality with the strong desire to actively participate in solving deep-seated problems in any atmosphere. she writes to teach, inspire, and encourage .She is also passionate,vision driven and goal orientated individual who always challenges the status quo by taking up complex responsibilities and excels in them. She can be reached via +2348161690210


  1. Nice write-up or should I say poem. The rhymes are well put together. Every stanza holds it own idea and you did not loose touch of the main topic. More strength.

    1. Thanks...glad you found it interesting, check out for more next week.

  2. Good one here, i must say. Life is a teacher and we have to daily respond to all the lessons in a positive way. I pray for more grace for you.

    1. Amen...Thanks for having you here! Please check out for more interesting thoughts next week...

  3. I'm a frequent reader of your blog posts, l love this #wednesdaythoughts in particular... Thumbs up!