'Dear Uber and Taxify Drivers, Take Those night Orders With A Lot Of Caution' - Nathaniel Bassey

Nigerian Gospel singer and Pastor of the Redeem Christian Church Of God (RCCG) Nathaniel Bassey has urged drivers to take caution with night orders as they go with their daily transport business.

He shared this via his instagram page how most robbers are now taking advantage of ordering uber and taxify in the night to operate.

"Dear drivers, just discussing this morning with a friend over the phone and He shared how some people, actually robbers, who under the guise of ordering an uber shot dead the driver after He tried to flee."

"And checking through the internet, I have found that there seems to be a surge in this evil.
Please be more careful. Take those night orders with a lot of caution. Be careful of secluded and remote places, especially very late at nights. Be careful of orders with two or more people late at nights.After taking a job, if you feel funny about a set of persons or person, it might be better to decline the job."

"I can imagine how hard this would be distinguishing the very few evil folks from the good folks who are in the majority. And if you are a Believer, please be more prayerful. And be sensitive. Pray in the spirit as you work. My heart breaks hearing about a few wicked folks who just end the lives of young men who have chosen to work in this very tough clime.
I pray for you from my heart that God protects you as you go about your job. In Jesus’ name."

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