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SUICIDE: Nigerian DJ XGee Commits Suicide After leaving Suicide Note On His Social Media

Nigerian DJ XGee whose real name was Seun Omogaji a Lagosian has committed suicide after leaving a suicide note on his instagram page, he was reported by social users that he drank "Sniper" an insecticide (deadly chemical)  owing to depression of some marital problems he has been facing.

DJ XGee, who left last note for his family, friends and loved ones urging them to wear white rather than black when paying the last respect to him.

"Okay there is a twist to this last respect ppl give to their loved ones when gone ..... Black as signs of sadness ..but in my case please Rock WHITE Cos i love this colour so much . to all have made smiled and to those i have pissed off trust me im only being Human. Enikorewa i love u so much , Eriayo u name sums it all up u are truly d reason for my Joy . Omobolanle ajoke u know i care .. Moradeke my mum may my God heal u and to my in-Laws Stay Blessed Always ❤" He wrote.

Nigerian Comedian Basket mouth, Bovi and amongst other fans confirmed his death as they paid tribute to him on the social media.


Together...we created some amazing memories, you my will be missed. I can’t believe that the last time I saw you would be my very last. Rest In Peace blood.


"Rest In Peace Seun 🕯! Many have internal bleeding; emotionally. May we be more aware."

@alibabagcfr "The Seun I know, from Odo Street, Obalende, will not kill himself. But, in the mean time, Rest in Peace"


"So sad rip big man , depression is real" 

"This is sad. Money indeed doesn't buy happiness."


"We should start accepting the fact that depression is real and the people we least expect are gradually being pushed to a point where they can't take it anymore. We should stop assuming everyone is living their best life and start checking up on people. An encouraging or appreciating text from a fan can save a life,you never can tell, your text might be what he/she need at that point. We don't know what people are going through. Even some of our mother's are depressed, let's stop hiding under awareness canopy and starting showing that we care and want to listen. We can't lose more people in 2019."


"I don't know him tho, I feel he didn't commit suicide, it's might be a set, his family should do proper investigation. The story about his death is too lame* #RIP"

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